We are pleased to welcome you at the world’s leading maritime exhibition SMM in Hamburg, Germany, where you will be able to experience first-hand our second generation bridges featuring a new level of operational ergonomics and user-friendliness, suited for the working environment for all mariners and applicable for all types of vessels.

We eill be showing the equipment listed below as well as much more interesting products and solutions.


1. Our new fully integrated one-man bridge with a total of three 46-inch screens for use in law enforcement, semi military and/or coastal patrol vessels, combining radar, WECDIS (by Transas), conning, alarm monitoring and DP data in an easy to use format, and where all operating panels are within arm’s reach.

2. The AlphaBridge premium - on show has no less than five 46-inch screens that provide a clear overview of all the navigation information. These monitors and the center console offers the safest and most efficient operating environment possible as well as allowing access to all the control panels and other equipment on the vessel, such as the lighting and engines.

3. AlphaLine Repeaters - a full lineup of instruments that are easy to operate via an intuitive color touchscreen display, which is available in three standard sizes and two colors. In the center console we will have the first public viewing of three new products based on our uniform product philosophy, creating a consistent bridge and operational approach.

4. Our new 5-inch VHF, which is developed together with well-experienced captains operating on various types of vessels. Now more than ever, the intuitive software will fit the operator’s needs.

5. AlphaSSRS - a new sound system reception system designed to receive and detect foghorn signals from other vessels.

6. A second generation tugboat bridge - our famous tugboat bridge offering full control from a sitting position and exceptional all-round visibility. The bridge comprises of two ergonomic and dynamically designed consoles with a central captain’s chair mounted on rails.

7. AlphaEye - robustly designed, the next generation service communication tool. Offering the capability to have an extra set of eyes “onboard” allows for support specialists to be standing by to solve 24/7 any problem, globally and remotely.

More information on www.jrc.am

Let's meet at our trusted location in hall B6, stand 300.

JRC & Alphatron Marine on SMM