City of Swinoujscie's ferries sailing with our radars and satellite compasses

As a result of an open tender we won in November 2016, we have gotten an order from Zegluga Swinoujska company (shipowner) for delivery and installation of eight marine radars and GPS satellite compasses on their ro-ro ferries. We have supplied the JMA-5312-6 radars and JLR-21 compasses, both of JRC brand. The scope of work is as follows:

- Preparation of the of technical documentation according to the requirements of the classification society (Polish Register of Shipping - PRS).
- Getting an approval from the classification society for that retrofit.
- Preparation and installation of new antenna masts for the "Bielik" type ferries and adopting the existing ones on the "Karsibor" type ferries. Placement of the antennas afterwards.
- Installation of the system components (i.e. displays, keyboards and processors) on the bridge.
- Integration of new radars with the satellite compasses as well as existing AIS receivers.
- Installation of C-MAP charts on the radars.
- Training for the vessels' crew.

We are happy we have carried out such interesting project. We could verify our abilities not only in a technical way, but also from logistics point of view. Thanks to our experienced employees and a very good cooperation with the shipowner, we have done our job in time. We are proud that the antennas with Alphatron/JRC logo are rotating on each Zegluga Swinoujska's  ferry now.
Their captains were happy they have the new equipment which is a few generations newer comparing to the previous radars they have been using for around 20 years or even longer. The advanced technical solutions brought by the new radars lead directly to their good quality and wide functionality. Arguably, thanks to these facts the crew members shown their interest in learning the equipment functionality and capability during the training sessions.

We have been told that the equipment we delivered have significantly increased safety of sailing. It matters mainly in bad weather conditions, but not only. For example it is easy to notice a small vessel sailing blocked by a bigger one out. Furthermore, thanks to the GPS compass it is possible to visualize the vessel speed while approaching to the shore in a fog. It has been highlighted that the same type of the equipment installed everywhere helps the crew start their duties easily while they rotate between the vessels. Customization functionality of the displays allows the user adjusting the colours and brilliance to their personal needs and helps in keeping high safety level as well.
We are glad we have gotten a high mark for our engagement in implementation of the systems.

We would like to thank to Zegluga Swinoujska's management as well as the crew members for their support during the installations.



Radar antenna on Bielik Radar antenna on Bielik Radar antenna on Bielik-II Radar and compass antennas on Bielik
Radar antenna on Karsibor Radar & compass on Bielik Radar and compass on Bielik Radar & compass on Karsibor
GPS compass on Karsibor GPS satellite compass

Radar on Bielik's bridge